Covid-19 – A Collaborative Response

Reopening Leaside Gardens

Leaside Gardens and our user groups are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all who enter our facility. Collectively, we monitor and respond to the latest federal, provincial, municipal and governing body updates about the global COVID-19 pandemic and are taking necessary actions to safeguard the health of our visitors, players, and employees and preserve our ability to operate. We will continue to assess and implement appropriate measures as a result of this event to ensure that as soon as we open our doors, everyone will be secure, and our operations will be run safely while adapting our programming to any conditions that may be required to return to play.

After thoughtful consideration and planning, LMCG will be reopening the facility for limited activities commencing on Monday, August 24th.

The conditions for reopening and remaining open are in a state of flux. If at any time government and public health authorities determine that we have to close our doors, we are compelled to comply with that direction or order immediately.

Ontario is reopening businesses and public spaces in three stages, guided by the Framework for Reopening Our Province. Decisions about what to include in each stage are based on which businesses and spaces are best positioned to follow public health and workplace safety measures, beginning with those that are lower risk. The GTA is currently in stage 3.

Information on provincial requirements continues to change. We recommend checking the provincial resource, Reopening Ontario in stages, regularly.

There are many factors determining the date we chose to reopen. Ensuring the health and safety of all who enter the facility remains our foremost consideration. However, another factor we had to consider was the economic viability of opening without a critical mass of users to offset the expense of running the facility. Restrictions imposed by the Province on the number of skaters allowed on the ice, and restrictions imposed by the governing bodies of some organizations limited our ability to ensure revenue. Fortunately, Leaside Gardens is now in a position to reopen and we look forward to welcoming our community and athletes back to the facility.

Entry procedures will be executed/monitored by an arena staff member for day-to-day visitors or tradespeople. A representative from an organization conducting sessions in the facility will execute/monitor entry and exit procedures on behalf of the organization.

Drop-in visits to the arena are not permitted. If you are visiting us for reasons other than scheduled on-ice activity, please call 416-421-4944 or email and make an appointment.

Before you enter:

  • In accordance with the City of Toronto By-Law 541-2020, you must wear a face mask or face covering at all times unless you have an underlying medical condition.
  • Follow physical distancing protocol signage for lining up outside the facility
  • Make sure to arrive at the arena at appointed the time
  • Complete and submit a Screening Questionnaire no earlier than the day prior to your visit. The form can be downloaded from our website and returned by email to, or you can bring it with you.
  • If you are participating in a session, your user representative will be responsible for distributing and collecting your completed Screening Questionnaire and submitting it to the arena on your behalf.

When a staff member or user representative indicates you can enter the facility:

  • Sign in at table in lobby
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided before and after signing in
  • Hand in your Screening Questionnaire, if not submitted ahead of time
  • Continue to practice physical distancing
  • Once you have finished signing in, you will be directed to your destination by a staff member or user representative
  • For session participants, traffic flow and physical distancing rules will be tailored to individual programming requirements
  • Carefully read and follow all signage

At the present time there will only be one ice pad available for ice related activities. Subject to the direction of the Province and governing bodies, these activities will be limited to practice, and instructional drills up to a maximum of 50 individuals on the ice at one time. This includes participants, coaches/instructors, etc.

  • For the time being, no routines, games, league play, shinny, are allowed
  • On-ice sessions must be booked and conducted by professional coaches that have been designed by their governing bodies.
  • City of Toronto By-Law 541-2020 requires all visitors to Leaside Gardens to wear a mask
  • The doors to the arena will be open 30 minutes prior to scheduled ice time
  • Participants should line up to enter the arena at or just before the door open
  • Participants coming to the arena must arrive fully dressed, with the exception of helmets, skates and goalie pads
  • Skaters must bring personal water bottles clearly labeled with their name.
  • There are no spectators allowed
  • For children who need help, 1 parent or guardian may accompany them, however they must leave the arena using the designated exit once the child arrives rink side.
  • Dressing rooms will be available to participants for putting on their skates
  • After participants have left the dressing room, the room will be sanitized by arena staff
  • Participants must put their equipment bags and water bottles in designated spots
  • When instructed to do so by their coach, participants may remove their masks when putting on their helmets
  • Physical distancing must be observed on the ice at all times
  • If a participant begins to feel unwell at any time, they must immediately speak to their coach/instructor
  • When the session ends, participants remove their skates, gather their belongings and follow the sign to the designated exit
  • Parents or guardians collecting their child should be waiting at the designated pick-up area, while maintaining physical distance from others
  • There will be separate entry and exit points with adjacent parking to ensure that groups leaving the arena will not come into contact with those entering the facility
  • After each flood the off-ice areas of the rink will be misted with disinfectant in preparation for the next user group

The Leaside Memorial Gardens Swimming Pool is a City of Toronto facility maintained by the management and staff of Leaside Gardens. The pool programming is managed by the City of Toronto. For more information on procedures at the pool, click here.

  • No food or drink will be allowed in the arena with the exception of personal water bottles
  • The Snack Bar will be closed until further notice
  • The facility will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • After every on-ice session, the off-ice areas will be misted with disinfectant.
  • Custodians will use products as approved and recommended by Health Canada (Health Canada 2020)
  • In the event of an outbreak, the facility will be closed immediately to allow for a deep cleaning and assessment by Toronto Public Health

For more information please call 416-421-4944 or email Anna Donadio, Support Assistant.